About Us

Fever Foundation: a non-commercial, independent organization committed to addressing unmet needs in fever management. We empower healthcare professionals with evidence-based education, bridge research, education, and therapy gaps, and enhance patient care outcomes.


Empowering Healthcare through Education and Evidence

As an independent, non-commercial entity, we are dedicated to addressing unmet needs in fever management. Our commitment extends to conceiving, constructing, and sustaining programs, as well as launching scientific initiatives aimed at providing healthcare professionals with essential evidence-based updates. Additionally, our patient education programs expand our mission's reach, amplifying our impact.

Vision & Objectives

Fever Foundation's Commitment to Advancing Fever Management

At Fever Foundation, we are dedicated to imparting knowledge about unmet needs and providing essential information regarding research, education, and therapy updates in fever management. Our mission is to address these unmet needs by providing evidence-based updates on fever management, making healthcare accessible through expansive programs, and engaging eminent doctors in various scientific activities.