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Understanding Fever


What is normal temperature?

The normal body temperature is around 98.6◦F.

  • Generally, temperature in children may vary, it can go up and down very quickly, which is normal way of fighting an infection.

Why do we get fever?

Fever is usually due to infections caused by bacteria or viruses, but fever can also occur in absence of infection.

Is fever good or bad?

Fever is beneficial as it helps fight off infection by activating the body’s immune system.


How do I know if my baby is having fever?

  • You may feel the heat when you touch, but it is always important to be sure if the rise in temperature is due to fever.

  • Best way is to use thermometer for measuring temperature.

How should I measure my baby’s temperature?

  • If your kid is less than 2 years, always try to take temperature by placing the thermometer below the arm pit and placing the arms against his/her body as long as the thermometer instructions ask you to do so.

  • In kids above 2 years of age, it is advisable to take temperature by placing the thermometer below their tongue or arm pit.

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